KitviewApp is a free mobile application accessible to all kind of professions.

You can :

  • photo and video capturer
  • follow scenarios
  • scan barcodes and documents
  • view media (photos, videos, 3D, PDF) stored in Kitview desktop (PC)
  • choose photos or 3D models (STL)
  • compare photos
  • record voice notes
  • search for patients in natural language (in text or voice mode)
  • etc…


The connection with the application can be done manually or automatically. In order for the workstation to connect to the smartphone application, the KitDSServer software must be running. This program is located near the date in the lower right corner of your screen and has this icon :

If we right click on the icon, we can select the SHOW option which will allow us to check the settings in case we want to establish the connection manually.

We see that the connection is called BOX #1 and with IP and port 8080.

Automatic connection

  2. Once the application has found the post, we will press on ADD COMPUTER
  3. We will select the green rectangle and finally press NEXT

Manual connection

  2. We can put the name we want and for the address and the port, we will use the data that we already have seen by clicking with the right button (show) on the icon . We confirm by pressing CONFIRM.
  3. We are going to select the green rectangle and finally press NEXT.

Main Screen

  • Shot : allows you to take pictures and send them to the patient we have selected, in this case TEST Logos.
  • Scenarios : allows you to take photos following the diagram of a session previously created in the Kitview program on the PC.
  • Barcode : allows us to capture (read) a barcode and send it to a form in the Kitview program on the PC.
  • Scanner : allows us to scan documents of one or more sheets and create a PDF file and send it to the patient we have selected.
  • Multimedia lib : allows us to access/download/send the images we have on the PC to the smartphone (download) or from the smartphone to the PC (upload).
  • Comparator : allows you to compare 2 photos of the selected patient on the smartphone screen.
  • Vocal memo : allows us to record audio and send it to the patient we have selected.
  • Settings : allows us to change app settings.
  • Help : allows us to access this help.


  • User account deletion : allows us to delete the user account and reset the application.
  • Splash screen : makes the app show the home screen.
  • Auto connect login screen : prevents the app from waiting for user confirmation.
  • Auto connect profile screen : if we only have one connection profile, it automatically connects to this profile.
  • Follow PC patient : This option allows the application to display the patient that we have selected in the Kitview of the PC. If we have not enabled this option, we can change the patient from the app itself, always using at least 4 letters of their last name.
  • Force patient on PC : it is only enabled when we have disabled « Follow patient from PC ». If enabled, all patient changes in the mobile app are automatically applied in Kitview on the PC.
  • Show picture on PC : If the option is activated, after each shot, the photo sent to Kitview PC is displayed in full screen on the PC.
  • Refresh pictures on PC : If enabled, after each shot the Kitview PC patient library is updated.
  • Camera’s choice : Allows you to choose between 3 different options: always ask user, always take pictures with Kitview or always take pictures with camera. Generally we will use the second one, always take pictures with Kitview.
  • Reset scenarios : download the Kitview PC scenarios again in your mobile application, we will do it if we want to download new scenarios or if we have modified an existing one.
  • Add keywords : lets you attach a specific tag to all the photos you take with your smartphone.
  • Chromecast settings is when we send photos to Chromecast device, for example TV.
  • Reset : attention, resets your application, you will have to configure everything again.

Settings in Shot

If you press the circle, you access either the photo settings or you can record a video.

Photo Settings (default)

The default setting is shown in bold below.

  • Flash : Off – On – Auto
  • Focus : Auto focus – Continuous AF – Locked
  • Touch to focus : Yes – No
  • Resolution : Native – High – Normal – Low
  • Video quality : Low – Normal – High
  • Timer : 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5
  • Direct send : Yes – No
  • Aiming lines : Yes – No
  • Keep photos local : Yes – No


  1. Lets choose the session we want to use.
  2. Tells us which photo to take and how many photos to take.
  3. Displays the photo taken. You touch the square to redo the photo if necessary.
  4. Smartphone native photo options.
  5. Allows you to insert a photo already taken, which is in the smartphone.
  6. Button to validate the session and send the photos to the PC.
  7. Take photo trigger.
  8. Go to settings.
  9. Exit Scenarios.